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A Knee'd for Speed-y Recovery

When I started this journey to conquering a half marathon, the road seemed clear. With my determination unwavering, a simple plan came into view. Step after step, run after run, keeping the course seemed - however challenging - a relatively straightforward affair. Ahh, the hubris of inexperience.

About halfway through my training now, I must report a small knee injury has crept in. I fear it has threatened to derail my progress. The crush of frustration and disappointment washed over me like a storm cloud, obscuring the bright skies of my aspirations. I let myself wallow in the self-sorriness of my soreness. Missing a week of crucial training runs felt like a setback I couldn't afford.

Yet, amidst the turmoil, I am realizing that accepting this temporary setback is the first step towards healing and progress. In the stillness of rest, I am beginning to uncover an unexpected sense of clarity. Instead of continuing to dwell on what I am not doing, I am focused on the parts of recovery well within my control.

Embracing the process of healing has become a mini adventure in its own right - researching recovery ideas and stretches and exercises; consulting with friends and trusted blogs on best practices; scouring YouTube for inspiration and guidance; and still a little bit of "it could always be worse" doomscrolling on running subreddits.

Perspective really is everything. Choosing to embrace this time as one of self-discovery and self-kindness has made it much easier to do the right things. This mental shift from viewing my injury as a hindrance to seeing it as an opportunity to nurture my body and mind is no small thing. I have given myself permission to show myself the same compassion and care I would offer a friend facing a similar challenge.

As the days are passing, I have taken time to stretch more, cross train appropriately and lean into the correct exercises to assure that I am stronger coming out of this than I was going in. As my knee begins to mend, I am approaching my training with a newfound appreciation for the resilience of the human spirit. Being in tune with one's body is fundamental for growth. Your body will tell you exactly what it needs but it's on you to listen.

My journey through injury and recovery is teaching me that there is so much more for me to know, do and be. The essence of adventure extends far beyond the physical realm. It encompasses the mind and heart: acceptance, resilience, and self-kindness reign supreme. As I gear up to lace up my shoes again, eager to take on the mileage ahead, I do so with a sense of gratitude. Every twist, turn, and bump along the way adds its own important brush stroke to the landscape of my growth. For it is in embracing the full spectrum of our experiences that we truly discover the boundless depths of our own strength and resilience.

 True strength lies not only in pushing through pain but also in knowing when to pause, when to rest, and when to persevere with gentle determination.


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