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Head in the Clouds and Feet... in the Clouds too

Anyone who knows me knows I like the gear that comes with an activity almost as much as I like the activity. Hiking backpacks and water bladders and safety kits and hiking boots and midlayers and camera clips??? Yes, please!

So it goes without saying that as I got into this whole running thing, I stocked up on various shirts, singlets, shorts, pants, tights, packs, snacks... the list goes on and on. Where I ran (pun intended) into problems was below the ankle. I was woefully ignorant when it came to running shoes. Do I need a neutral shoe? What even is a neutral shoe? How is that different than a stability shoe? Do I pronate? Supinate? Does it matter?

I began reading blogs like this one and watching educational videos and chatting up my running friends and peppering store clerks (who, with no exception, were all incredibly kind and patient with me) with a million questions. I tried on more shoes than I am willing to admit. I found nothing better for my first than the new 1080v13s from New Balance. A great all around shoe, I've used them for long runs, speedier runs, intervals, you name it.

Before I caught the running bug last year, if I tallied up every mile I ever ran willingly I'm not sure it would break 25, let alone 50 miles.

After breezing through 50 miles in the New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v13 (the official name), I'm convinced the cushioning in these shoes is comprised mainly of clouds. The feel is not dissimilar is to trotting on marshmallows (but sans mess). It's like having a personal pillows for each step, making my morning runs feel more like a dance than a workout, especially when paired with my rockin' runnin' playlists. The lightweight feel is next level too. Maybe I'm wrong about the cushion being made of clouds, maybe it's really packed with helium because these things feel like they float.

Plus, the 1080s brings the cool back to comfort. They're just plain fun. With the sleek design and vibrant colors, my feet have never looked so stylish.

I also think the durability of these kicks can go stride for stride with any other in its class. I've put them through the paces, from pavement to grass and mud to snowy and icy broken cobblestones, and they're holding up with very few signs of wear. These guys are real team players, managing shock absorption like champs, sparing my joints from the usual wear and tear (have my knees and ankles ever felt this good?).

Whether you're a seasoned runner or just getting started, these 1080s are the kind of gear that turns every run into an adventure. They make me want to get out there, go and keep going.

If I could describe these shoes in three words, it would be: bouncy, fun, and reliable. They're not just sneakers; they're your companions for each training, workout and race, helping you go the extra mile with a smile. These shoes aren't just a purchase; they're an investment in an adventurous life. So grab a pair today and hit the road or trail or wherever you want to say: Been there, run that.

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