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On the Toll and the Soles

It is a delicate balance, maintaining an active lifestyle within the constraints of law firm life. It has prompted profound reflections on resilience and commitment. The daily routine of long hours tethered to a desk highlights an ongoing struggle between professional obligations and my (and many others, I suspect) never ending pursuit for a health-conscious, physically active, mentally well existence. The challenges become starkly apparent as I grapple with the dichotomy of a vibrant, rich life outside the office and the difficulty of prolonged periods confined indoors, staring at screens, catching only a passing glimpse of sunlight.

These reflections extend beyond the mere scarcity of time. They make me think about the interplay between mental fatigue and the longing for adventure, experience. The struggle lies not only in finding the time but also in summoning the energy to break free from the sedentary days inherent in demanding desk jobs (even though those corporate chairs can be oh so comfy - need I mention the lumbar support?).

Balancing the physical and mental demands of such a profession requires intentionality. It is this introspection that pushes me to consider and reconsider my habits and lifestyle. Yet, it's often through this very recognition of my limitations that a deeper understanding of my commitment to wellness emerges - a commitment tested by the often relentless demands of early mornings, late nights, very little sleep, but strengthened by my effort to carve out moments of movement and activity. By my choices.

By me.

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